Young Tribesman of "The Kraal"


Impulu is a 16 year old boy from a small tribe in Harborhead. He has black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He dresses in the traditional style of his village: animal pelts worn around the waist as an apron, and “leg warmers” made out of cow tails.


When a boy turns 14 they are ready to begin “The Trial”, a one-man hunt in the wilderness to kill a large animal in hand-to-hand combat. Impulu, however, was always a weak and sickly boy, and was told to wait until he was a little older to participate. On his 16th birthday, Impulu snuck out of the Kraal with his father’s ixwa and traveled into the scorching heat of the Harborhead savanna.

Impulu was found by the Circle when he was running away from a lion he accidentally stumbled across in his journey. He lead the Circle back to his village, and has been with them in their trek down to the neighboring kraal. Claymere and Katair have been teaching him the finer points of swordfighting, and while he’s arguably no better than he was to begin with he’s been showing signs of increased confidence.


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