The Pure Prince of Obsidian Sorrow

Former Member of the Young Bloods


The Pure Prince of Obsidian Sorrow (Pure Prince or Sorrow for short) is a handsome young man with dark hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He has a slight frame, and tends to wear fancy clothing. Generally speaking, he has something of a serious expression on his face at all times.

Even after officially leaving the Young Bloods, Pure Prince has a cadre of zombies, ghosts, and necrotech creatures created by the Ivory Priestess of One Thousand Profanities at his disposal. He is often seen with one such necrotech creature, Szlachta, who acts as a personal butler and bodyguard.


Not much is known about the Pure Prince of Obsidian Sorrows before his Black Exaltation, though many believe that he was originally a concubine within a Dragonblood household.

Originally belonging to the Mask of Winter’s newest Abyssal circle, the Young Bloods, Pure Prince fills the role of the scout. He would check out new assignments to insure the quickest and easiest way to accomplish them, as well as make sure that their paths were as clear as possible while out on the case.

Pure Prince is also something of an artist, focusing much of his down-time on painting, writing, and sewing.

The Pure Prince is currently in Oredea, a small castle south of Puyo.

The Pure Prince of Obsidian Sorrow

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