The Orphans

The Children of MICK's Yeddim Emporium


At MICK’s Yeddim Emporium, there are seven orphans who live there and receive a free education. Most are the children of soldiers who died defending Thorns from the Abyssals a few years back.

Guil: 11 years old, male. Blue hair, green eyes, ruddy skin. The oldest boy at MICK’s. He has a tendency to exaggerate, telling stories to impress and entertain the other children.

Holger: 10 years old, male. Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin. Twin brother of Fei. Holger has issues keeping his emotions in check, and will jump to conclusions a lot.

Argal: 10 years old, male. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Despite his lot in life, Argal always has a smile on his face.

Fei: 10 years old, female. Black hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Twin sister of Holger. Fei is outgoing, and is generally sweet towards everyone.

Silvin: 10 years old, female. Red hair, blue eyes, tan skin. Silvin looks a lot younger than she really is, and tends to use that to her advantage.

Lilia: 9 years old, female. Blue hair, red eyes, pale skin. The youngest child at MICK’s. She’s taken a strong liking to Mishara.

Margin: 11 years old, female. Blonde hair, brown eyes, tan skin. The oldest girl at MICK’s. Margin tends to keep to herself and is polite, but flinches a lot at loud noises.


Being held at an orphanage in Thorns for most of their lives, the children at MICK’s Yeddim Emporium have experienced much trauma in their short lives. They generally appear to enjoy being at MICK’s, even if they have to do school work and clean out the yeddim stables.

A few months after the opening of the school, Argal and Fei were kidnapped by the Pure Prince of Obsidian Sorrows in order to draw the Circle to his estate at Oradea. The two were returned peacefully after some “aggressive negotiations”.

The Orphans

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